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Product: Juvenile Whole Wing (grade #1)

Juvenile Whole Wing (grade #1)


These are wings from a juvenile tom turkey. They will be at least one third smaller in size and in some cases contain feathers that are underdeveloped. Grade #1 will contain feathers all in perfect or near perfect condition.


All wings will have the bone removed and be treated with borax. They will be spread and dried (spread width will vary). Wings that have bones intact either green or dried are seasonally (Spring) available upon request. Contact us for pricing.


The customer will find a multitude of uses for the many types of feathers contained in this product!

These are ideal for smaller and more delicate projects using the wing intact or broken down for their individual feathers. There are many uses for a juvenile wing including making a prayer fan or a fly down flapper for turkey hunting. The secondary wing feathers and the greater coverts and the smaller lesser coverts could be used for making fans or adding pizazz to other projects.

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