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Product: Juvenile Eastern Tail Fan (grade #1)

Juvenile Eastern Tail Fan (grade #1)


The Jake (Juvenile Tom) Eastern tail fan will have cinnamon to chocolate brown tipped feathers.  Juvenile tail fans have distinctly noticeable longer center feathers compared to their shorter and more delicate satellite feathers on the sides of the fan. The number of larger middle feathers range from 4 to sometimes 10 depending on the genetics of the turkey.  Grade #1 will be of the highest quality with near perfect plumage.


Tail fans will be treated with borax and are spread and dried, which is an industry standard for preserving and preventing unwanted critters. Dried tail fans can be used with the DSD Strutter decoy or with any decoy on the market requiring a real turkey tail fan. They may also be paired with a matched moderately spread pair of dried primary wings found below the tail fans on the Hunting Accessories page. Tail fans that are not spread and dried and/or fresh frozen are also available upon request.

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