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Product: Safety darts with turkey feather fletchings (1 set)

Safety darts with turkey feather fletchings (1 set)


These safety darts have turkey feather fletchings, a brass barrel, and a birch wood stem. The turkey feather fletchings provide a classic aesthetic and ensure smooth, accurate flight through the air, enhancing the dart-playing experience. The brass barrel lends weight and balance to the dart, allowing for precise throws and consistent performance. Complementing the barrel, the birch wood stem adds a touch of natural beauty and resilience to the dart. A set includes 3 darts and 3 extra tips.


They offer a nostalgic touch to the timeless game of darts while prioritizing safety and durability. Crafted with traditional materials, these darts embody both elegance and reliability. Their lightweight nature and sturdy construction along with strength and flexibility make these darts the ideal choice for enduring repeated use while retaining their aesthetic appeal and providing minimal risk of injury, making them suitable for players of all ages.  


Whether in a casual game among friends or a competitive match, these darts offer an authentic dart-playing experience without compromising safety or style.

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