Custom Feathers Patrons Who

Are Artists and Crafters

Custom Feathers is in the process of building a library of our customers who are great artists and crafters from all over the nation. We will be able to make a large library if we can convince them to not be bashful, many have beautiful works of art. If you would like to submit your store or website, please contact the webmaster. The service is free for being a customer of Custom Feathers.

Feather Painters

Thomas Olczyk

Thomas was born 1974 in Poland and has been living since 1987 in Germany. He is a hobby painter and his works are created mainly in airbrush technique. In search of new challenges, he began to paint feathers by airbrush gun combined with paint brush.

Air brush art by Thomas Olczyk
Gail Savage

Gail lives in the heart of 24 acre woodland in the blue mountains of Pennsylvania where inspiration is always just outside the windows. She has been painting since the age of 5, and has had some impressive formal training in the art of painting. Gail uses our feathers to paint wildlife and turns out some very beautiful work. Her art has been sold throughout the United States and Canada, England, Germany, Belgium, and Australia.

Gail Savage's works of art
Rhea King

Wings of Birds Logo Rhea's 40 years of painting, as well as Cherokee family history, has inspired her to focus on painting wild life, pets, or sea life on feathers. She creates painted feather earrings, necklaces, & framed work to bring nature into your home. She shows in San Diego, CA, Wild Life shows, and ships abroad. Rhea is an avid Equestrian, loves out-doors, and retired from Health Care to travel to Cuba on many mission trips to poverty areas where medical care is nonexistent for the people.

On Wings of Birds

Wingbone Call Makers

Bram's Bones

Gerry Bramblett lives in Unadilla Georgia and has been using our turkey bones for many years to create works of art from our heritage. Indians and mountain men alike from all over the nation used calls made from the wild turkey itself to decieve old toms into shotgun range. Gerry turns the calls into collectors items.

Bram's Bone collection