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turkeys in a field by a stream


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Your #1 Source for Wild & Domestic Turkey Feathers and Related Products

Welcome to Custom Feathers

Custom Feathers is owned and operated by David Mitchell, an avid archer and outdoorsman in Chillicothe, Missouri (USA). Starting in 1995, David began by manufacturing natural-barred arrow fletching for primitive, traditional, and modern arrow makers. Since then, the business has expanded into supplying not only material for archery, but wild turkey feathers for crafts, fly-fishing, painted turkey feathers, taxidermy, and feathers for Native American Indian regalia such as those in the Johnny Depp remake of the Lone Ranger.


Custom Feathers offers a wide variety of wild turkey feathers and related products. The primary bulk of the feathers come from the Eastern subspecies of wild turkey; however, there is a limited supply of feathers from the Rio Grande and Merriam's turkey as well as some domestic turkey breeds.  

All of the products offered by Custom Feathers come from legally taken wild and domestic turkeys.

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